A two chains silver necklace in stainless steel with two charms: a red rose and a gun. The first chain has little drops of black resin and not the second one.

• Chain length : 39.5 cm / 50 cm
• Fastener’s chain length : 6 cm
• Fastener 0.9 cm
• Charms 1 cm
• Composition : stainless steel

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2 chains necklace gun + red rose in enamelled steel.

The meaning of the gun: The gun symbolizes strength but especially independence and boldness. It represents the ability to react quickly to dangers. But also to emancipate oneself from the fear that they cause by fighting them. People who are adept at tattooing and who have lived through heavy ordeals often have this tattoo. It shows their ability to face any problem and get up even stronger

The meaning of the rose: The rose by its symbol of femininity has crossed the civilizations. In fact, did you know that in Egyptian times, the rose was used to honor the goddess Isis? Later, the rose became the sacred symbol of Venus, seduction and feminine beauty.

The Dashing is a whole woman, with a strong character who will not hesitate to fight for those who are dear to her. She lives each of her adventures with sincerity and passion. Joyful and independent, she enjoys life to the fullest and makes the most of every moment.

La Tatoueuse Bijoux offers a wide range of customizable and refined jewelry, inspired by the iconography of Old School tattooing. Our jewelry is made of surgical steel for a perfect fit, then dipped in a bath of fine gold or silver. They are waterproof, water-resistant and will accompany you for a long time!

That’s why the brand is aimed at all those who are undecided about tattooing and who keep putting off the day when they will set foot in a tattoo parlour. But also to those, already tattooed, who wish to embellish their tattoos by an additional symbolism. And finally, who will discover a new interest in the meaning of figurative tattoo symbols.

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