Stud earrings, golden enamelled steel with a diamond symbol

• Charm: 1cm
• Composition: stainless steel

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Golden stud earrings diamond

The meaning of the diamond: The word diamond comes from the Greek adamas which means “invincible”. Its multiple facets reflect infinite reflections, illuminating everything around it. Its solidity and its unalterable character are the reasons why it is usually chosen to adorn wedding rings. It is the symbol of eternal love.

The Daring is a collection for a determined and strong woman, ready to fight for her ideals and values. Her independence and strength of will are her greatest assets.  Fearless and surprising, she is a sign of great change for all those who cross her path.

La Tatoueuse Bijoux offers a wide range of customizable and refined jewelry, inspired by the iconography of Old School tattooing. Our jewelry is made of surgical steel for a perfect fit, then dipped in a bath of fine gold or silver. They are waterproof, water-resistant and will accompany you for a long time!

That’s why the brand is aimed at all those who are undecided about tattooing and who keep putting off the day when they will set foot in a tattoo parlor. But also to those, already tattooed, who wish to embellish their tattoos by an additional symbolism. And finally, those, more novice in the matter, who will discover a new interest for the meaning of the figurative symbols of tattooing.

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