Golden or silver chain necklace in enamelled steel

• Chain length: 45cm
• Fastener’s chain length: 6cm
• Fastener: 0.9cm
• Charm: 1cm
• Composition: stainless steel

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5 symbols necklace the traveler

The meaning of the compass rose: The compass rose, also known as a compass, is the tool used by sailors at sea to navigate. It indicates the North Star, the star that served as a reference point during their long voyages. Like their lucky star, it protected them and led them to their destination. It is attributed to the function of a guide.

The meaning of the anchor: The anchor is the ultimate symbol of the travelling sailor. As for the boat, the anchor confers stability, calm and solidity to the one who tattoos it on the skin. It symbolizes the desire of sailors to return to port safely. Moreover, it reveals a great sentimental attachment to a place or a person.

The meaning of the swallow: It was the sailors who first displayed this symbol. They had a tattoo of a swallow after each long and perilous journey. This bird was a harbinger of return and a symbol of hope. Also, this tattoo was taken over by the former prisoners, representing their freedom.

The meaning of the wing: The symbol of the wing has always been associated with protection. Did you know that in Egypt, the winged goddess Nekhbet watched over the pharaoh. In Christianity, the wings represent the guardian angel. Also, it is found in imaginary characters, to offer a life of happiness to the newborn.

The meaning of the eye: Among Hindus, the god Shiva has three eyes. The one he wears in the middle of his forehead symbolizes spiritual knowledge and protection against evil and ignorance. Eye also finds this function of lucky charm in many Mediterranean countries. These people have the habit of wearing small amulets in the shape of an eye to ward off bad luck.

The Traveler is a collection for an independent woman who is only waiting for one thing, to take flight.  This thirst for freedom constantly leads her to take up new challenges. Like a swallow, she travels the world but remains faithful to her origins, always returning to her family.

La Tatoueuse Bijoux offers a wide range of personalized and refined jewelry, inspired by the iconography of the Old School tattoo. Our jewelry is made of stainless steel for a perfect fit, then dipped in a bath of fine gold or silver. They are waterproof, water-resistant and will accompany you for a long time!

That’s why the brand is aimed at all those who are undecided about getting a tattoo and who keep putting off the day when they will go to a tattoo parlour. But also to those, already tattooed, who wish to embellish their tattoos by an additional symbolism. And finally, who will discover a new interest for the meaning of the figurative symbols of the tattoo.

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