La Tatoueuse offers a large assortment of refined jewelries, inspired by the Old school tattoo's iconography. Created in stainless steel for an irrepoachable stability, the jewelries had been soaked into  thin gold or silver bath.

This brand is meant for all the indecisives who postpone the day where they are going to walk into a tattoo shop to get a tattoo, also to people who already have tattoos, who want to decorate and brighten up their tattoos by wearing certain extra symbols, and to the inexperienced people who would discover a new interest into the significations of these figuratives tattoo symbols after crossing our way ...

While waiting for the release of exclusive lines in collaboration with tattoo artists, you will find in these collections the typical symbols of Old school tattooing, which, as the ones usually tattooed on the skin, carry a hidden message, tell a story -your story- and reveal an emotion ...




The wind rose


The course of life doesn’t always run smooth, but the Compass Rose is there to show us the way and protect us from the choppy waters of existence. It serves as a guide.

The Anchor


The anchor is the ultimate symbol of the wandering sailor. It depicts security, strength, hope and the desire to reach your goal one day. In life’s difficult moments, the anchor is a beacon helping you to turn back to the basics.

The swallow


Free as a bird: a symbol of liberty and escape. Migration always ends with a return to the starting point, making the bird a symbol of fidelity. Every return announces spring and is a sign of renewal.

The eye

The protective eye will guide you on your journey. It will keep you safe all your life, watching over you and warding off bad luck.

The rose


The rose, with its sensuous shape, is associated with femininity. It is the sacred symbol of Venus. Its red petals are symbols of passion. It also expresses a certain paradox between the fragility of its ephemeral petals and the metaphor of eternal love.

The knot


The intertwining knot illustrates a deep attachment. It is also a symbol of great affection between two people who, like two knotted ribbons, merge into a single entity.

The wing


This symbol can be seen as the wing of a guardian angel, watching over his chosen ones and helping them to reach their goals. It is also an illustration of the desire to spread your wings.

The four-leaf clover

The four-leaf clover is a universal symbol of luck. Its scarcity is what makes it exceptionally auspicious. As a gift, the four-leaf clover gives courage and strength to those who receive it.

The Calvera


The Calavera is a typical figure for the Day of the Dead in Mexico. Happy and friendly, these family celebrations are organized not to mourn the dead but to celebrate life, making the Calavera a symbol of a new and joyful dawn.

The heart

The heart is the seat of human feelings: it symbolizes love, both in friendship and romance. But it also illustrates the deepest feelings of joy, sorrow or compassion.

The dagger

A symbol of struggle, the dagger represents the will to defend your honour or that of your loved ones. It embodies the need to protect what you love.

The crown

The crown has always been a symbol of royalty, but much more than an emblem of monarchy, it represents loyalty. The thirst for power expressed by the crown also reveals our need for control over our own lives.

The gun


The gun is a symbol of strength, of course, but also of independence and audacity. It represents the ability to react quickly in the face of danger and to feel no fear when fending it off.

The diamond

Eternal and unbreakable, diamonds represent strength and eternity for those who wear them. Purity and beauty are also associated with this coveted stone.



I have always been fascinated by tattoos and have been dreaming of getting a tattoo for years without daring to take the plunge ...

Being a creator and manufacturer of jewellery for French and foreign brands of "ready-to-wear" for more than fifteen years, it is quite logically that I decided to mix my passion for tattooing with my know-how, in order to create a brand of jewellery dedicated to the world of tattooing.

While waiting for the exclusive ranges which will be created in collaboration with famous tattoo artists, I hope that you will be sensitive to our creations, their meanings, and that they will be able to translate your personal messages and feelings through my Old school collection ...

Charlotte Vermeil